The year of film 2011

I will start 2011 filming Norwegian short film Et liv- En sjanse in January where I will be playing the main female role as Ylva. Irasj Asanti, who wrote and directed last years Norwegian Cannes short film contribution Uventet, will be directing. Zakariassen må dø by director Magne Pettersen premieres at Tromsø International film festival in January and will be opening the Norwegian short film program at this years festival. I am playing the role as Aud, the wife of Zakariassen who is played by Norwegian star and highly regarded actor Hallvard Holmen. I very much enjoyed meeting Hallvard and work together with him for the first time, especially since we grew up in the same small town in the north of Norway and never met before working together on this film!

I´ve also landed on a supporting role in the upcoming feature Dunderland. I look forward to work with director  Finn-Erik Rognan who I also worked with on Hockey 501 commercial for norwegian TV2 Zebra.