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The trailer for Thale just passed 10 million views on Youtube (only for one channel), which makes it the most seen Scandinavian film trailer through history, and in this tempo it will soon be up there with the most seen film trailers in the world! Read the article here! (Norwegian) Watch the trailer here!

I will be joining Samantha Fox, Eddie the Eagle and Jostein Pedersen for a special London edition of Norwegian 4-stjerners middag. VG broke the news today but the program has already been taped;) The show will air from 6th until the 9th of May. Keep your pillows ready! Read the article from Norwegian VG here!

“The highlight of the film is the discovery of the woman herself, Thale, played by the mesmerizing Silje Reinåmo, who I predict will be a Bond girl at some point if she gets the right agent. Here she shows a broad range from fearful and innocent Bambi to ferocious wild child and does so naked the whole time, which is a feat in itself, I’m sure. In her eyes alone and with very little dialog, Reinåmo embodies the curious, devoted, and trapped animal” Read the rest of the review here!

Night Visions Festival

I will be guest of honor and attend both screenings of Thale followed by q and a at the biggest film festival in Finland; Night Visions Festival 1st and 3rd of November:)

We are currently shooting a pilot for upcoming feature film Draugen (working title). The lead roles are played by me, Helge Jordal and Jørgen Hausberg Nilsen. Kaspar Synnevåg will be directing and the film is produced by Yesbox Productions and North Sea Productions.

“Every bit of communication is done with subtle looks, reactions, and body language. Reinåmo does that through brilliant acting, and displays a wide range of emotions with simple yet effective means, augmented by nice camera work” Read the rest of the review here!