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The trailer for Thale just passed 10 million views on Youtube (only for one channel), which makes it the most seen Scandinavian film trailer through history, and in this tempo it will soon be up there with the most seen film trailers in the world! Read the article here! (Norwegian) Watch the trailer here!

I will be joining Samantha Fox, Eddie the Eagle and Jostein Pedersen for a special London edition of Norwegian 4-stjerners middag. VG broke the news today but the program has already been taped;) The show will air from 6th until the 9th of May. Keep your pillows ready! Read the article from Norwegian VG here!

Night Visions Festival

I will be guest of honor and attend both screenings of Thale followed by q and a at the biggest film festival in Finland; Night Visions Festival 1st and 3rd of November:)

I`ve just been cast in my first American feature film; Patriot Act. Director Wayne Slaten saw Thale at SXSW and cast me in the role as Kate. I can`t wait to work in the US with this fantastic well written script that I fell for immediately when reading it. So much has happened with our feature film Thale lately! It was shown at SXSW in Austin, Texas, where most of us attended. A great experience for all of us! This week Thale was sold to 9 countries at Cannes, including UK where I studied acting for three years at Guildford School of Acting. There is major interest for Thale around the world, so there will probably be even more sales in the near future. Thale is also touring festivals at the moment- and will continue to do so in the year to come. Follow us on facebook for more details when Thale is being released in your country. At the moment I`m busy filming a TV series called Hjem (Home) where I play the part as Ellen. We`re now filming episode 7 out of 16 planned episodes. Hjem will air on NRK1 this fall. PS. Check out my IMDb profile.

Thales from SXSW

Thale was accepted as part of the official program at SXSW 2012. The whole team went over, and we blogged for Rushprint which is the biggest Norwegian filmblog. You can read the entire blog from our stay in Austin and LA and see cooooool pictures right here!