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Welcome 2013!

It´s been a while since updating this page. But I am back now with a brand new, more accesible and fabulous design! It´s been one crazy cool year, with the premiere of Thale and all the traveling and experiences it has given me. And 2013 is definitively starting of exciting with a trip to Moscow and the Russian Annual Horror Film Awards. I will be there from the 28th of February until the 4th of March. On the 5th of March I am off to Porto and the largest film festival in Portugal; Fantasporto! I will be presenting Thale on the night of the 5th, and will be staying in Porto until the 10th. By end of March I am heading off to LA. Thale will be released on VOD in US on the 21th of March, and the theatrical screenings will be from beginning of April in 5 big cities yet to be announced. Thale has just  recently been released in Japan, and the UK release is also set for March. Follow our official Thale page here for more release dates!

Season 2 of NRK series Hjem will air from Sunday the 24th of February and I am quite excited as the role of Ellen eventually take new and different directions.

I am also part of the Norwegian TV show 4-stjerners middag. I was sceptical because the show is way out of my comfort zone, but in the end I could not miss the opportunity to dine in London, my second home, together with legend Samantha Fox, icon Eddie The Eagle and Norwegian Jostein Pedersen in this special London edition. The show will air on TVN from 6th until 9th of May.

I am currently involved with quite a few feature film projects, and I would love to tell you, but it is way too early to share the news. Stay tuned!

You are welcome to follow my FB page :) Thank you for all the support, feedback and lovely words you have given me for my role as Thale. A role that I grew so fond of and treasure in my heart until the day I die. Your love really means so much to me and I promise to work even harder in the future and hopefully give you more performances in the years to come.




Thales from SXSW

Thale was accepted as part of the official program at SXSW 2012. The whole team went over, and we blogged for Rushprint which is the biggest Norwegian filmblog. You can read the entire blog from our stay in Austin and LA and see cooooool pictures right here!